As a skull painter, I have dedicated my life to bringing one earth’s most beautiful sculptures back to life. Out of pure respect for the animal, I feel as though it is my duty to honor them to the best of my ability. Through my designs, I hope that you are to able look past death, and see the undeniable power & beauty they each possess.

This is a Spiced Ink, hand painted, original design.

The base of this skull is hands down my favorite technique - Rust. After going thru an oxidizing process with iron paint, beautiful, unpredictable rust is created. As New Mexico has become such a special place for me, I love incorporating the Zia symbol whenever I can. If you’ve never seen this symbol before, it’s the scared state symbol that came from the Zia Pueblo Tribe. Symbolizing the sun and the scared number 4, each side representing; the four directions, the four times of day, the four stages of life, & the four seasons.

This Southwest inspired, geometric design was created with white, gold & turquoise acrylic paint. Giving this piece an even more modern look, I painted the horns with an off white tone, also in acrylic.

Skull Length (including horns) - 14”

Skull Length (excluding horns) - 10”

Skull Width (tip to tip) - 18.5”

Skull Height (off wall) - 16”

Skull includes a wire loop to be hung by, as well as a provided hook to be mounted on.

Shipping is based on an average, please message with any questions.

Each skull is securely packaged & shipping by yours truly.

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