The Springbok – the graceful one.

This is a Spiced Ink original design, inspired by traditional geometric elements that are used in the creation of African Masks. Fused with a Southwest flare & flow to accentuate the flow of the skull.

Springbok – Africa’s most nimble species. Their ability to outsmart danger with such finesse is commendable. Pulling off leaps over 33ft long & 10 ft high!

Hand painted with earth toned acrylic, on a sanded & primed Springbok skull.

Skull Length (including horns) – 15″
Skull length (excluding horns) – 8″
Horn Width (tips) – 9″
Horn Height (tips) – 6″

Horns are oiled with mineral oil.

Shipping is based on an average, please message with any questions.

Each skull is securely packaged & shipping by yours truly.

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