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I have been drawing & painting my way through life for as long as I can remember, teaching myself along the way. But it wasn’t until my journey brought me to New Mexico that my creative eyes truly opened up. From the first time I visited, I just knew there was something in this enchanted air that spoke to me. This is where I discovered my inner passion for using a more unique canvas for my art, the raw essence of the arid desert; The cow skull. I truly believe in celebrating the strength & beauty of these bones. Giving them a new light to shine in, in an artistic tribute to their life after death. Through this I have expanded to a variety of these natural sculptures in species ranging from Impala to Buffalo.

As I evolve as an artist, so does my creative style & strive for bringing new elements and mediums into the process. I have such passion for what I do and I am truly grateful that I’m able to “Spice up” people’s lives, one wall at a time!




& the boner of the business. The name comes from the countless sets of horns he’s polished, and skulls he’s cleaned & sanded. You could say he does the “dirty” work, and yes, he does (thank god), but this is where the journey of each piece really begins. Each set of horns is so stunningly different, with hues running up and down the neutral scale. Giving them a character that feeds my vision. Not only does Brian prep skulls for me, and is kind of nice to look at, but he’s the glue to this business. Always inspiring and pushing me to create what’s in my heart.




Because every business needs a boss, right?